Stephen A. Smith Shuts Down Space Jam 2 Rumors On Twitter

Bill McCay/Getty Images

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ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith closed the door on a Space Jam 2 appearance after saying on First Take he was up late voicing an animation movie.

Twitter exploded Wednesday after hearing the ESPN personality discuss a movie role that will release “next year.” (RELATED: LeBron James Says ‘Space Jam 2’ Will Begin Filming In The Summer)

Here is the audio of Smith discussing the future movie role:

Max Kellerman’s reaction was exactly mine as the TV personality would be a perfect fit in an animated role. It certainly did sound like Smith was teasing a potential appearance in the movie, but he quickly proceeded to ruin the anticipation via Twitter.

First off, if Smith is telling the truth and is not doing Space Jam 2, I have to see the movie he is talking about. His voice would fit perfectly on a loud and obnoxious best friend character in an animated flick.

Secondly, it seems that Smith isn’t completely shutting down the idea of possibly being in the movie. Instead of saying he has no interest in the film, he makes some weird excuse that he does not get along well with LeBron James.

Several athletes, including Klay Thompson, Damian Lillard, Chris Paul and new Laker Anthony Davis, have already been linked to the upcoming film. The practice court that James will be using during the film’s shooting has also already been released.

While the movie should be pretty good with the plot mostly identical to the original movie, a Stephen A. Smith cameo would surely put it over the top.

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