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Check Out These Insane Tweets From A Staffer For The Dem Candidate For Governor Of Maine

Politics | Lauren Eissler
'I would not expect a sitting congressman and aspiring governor to allow such sexist and hate-filled behavior in his offices'

Go Home, 'Pirates.' You're Drunk

Entertainment | Lauren Eissler
'Pirates of the Caribbean' returns yet again for another swashbuckling flick

Benedict Cumberbatch Stars As Codebreaker In Upcoming Movie

Entertainment | Lauren Eissler
'Sherlock' star returns as another tortured, emotional character

TSA Agents STILL Don't Know Basic US Geography

US | Lauren Eissler
Are D.C. and Hawaii even part of the US?

Jaguar Shows Off Augmented Reality Concept Windshield

Tech | Lauren Eissler
Tell me this isn't the coolest thing

'Weird Al' Yankovic Spoofs 'Happy' With 'Tacky' Video

Entertainment | Lauren Eissler
It's about time

Science: Marijuana Can Help Slow Cancer Tumor Growth

Tech | Lauren Eissler
But the scientists don't want you to self-medicate

Martha Stewart Uses Drones To Take Pictures Of Her Farm

US | Lauren Eissler
Drones are 'lots of fun to play with'

LG Creates Flexible, Paper-Thin TV Screens

Tech | Lauren Eissler
Promises a 60-inch flexible screen by 2017

University Police Department Filmed 'Happy' Video While On Duty

Education | Lauren Eissler
'I work hard to 'humanize our department''

The Boy Who Lived Returns In New J.K. Rowling Short Story

Entertainment | Lauren Eissler
Potterheads rejoice!

Fans Explode When NASCAR Replaces 'Lord of the Rings' Marathon On TNT

Entertainment | Lauren Eissler
The ultimate battle: geeks v. rednecks

Netflix Wants To Hire Someone To Watch Netflix

Tech | Lauren Eissler
Binge-watching at its finest

Colorado Teen Arrested When Trying To Join Her ISIS Lover

World | Lauren Eissler
Love knows no bounds

Enthusiasts To Launch Beer-Powered Two-Stage Rocket

Tech | Lauren Eissler
Why have beer OR a rocket when you can have beer AND a rocket?

Idiot Alleged Car-Jackers Return To The Scene Of The Crime Two Hours Later, Get Arrested

US | Lauren Eissler
Well, that was dumb

Michigan Uses Taxpayer Money To Build Fake City

US | Lauren Eissler
They got $3 billion from the Michigan Department of Transportation

Fake Cows Bring Wi-Fi To UK Music Festival

Tech | Lauren Eissler
'It's udderly fast'

Soundhawk Creates 'Hearing Aid' For People With Good Hearing

Tech | Lauren Eissler
Hooks right into your smart phone

See How The World's Dumbest Criminal Got Busted

US | Lauren Eissler
But wait! He gets dumber...

McDonald's Tests Mobile Ordering App

Tech | Lauren Eissler
Fast food faster?

Startup Creates Autopilot To Make Any Car Driverless

Tech | Lauren Eissler
'We're trying to reuse as many concepts and behaviors as you already have in your car'

Do You Want To Kill Some Rebels?

Entertainment | Lauren Eissler
'I hope they die'

Oregon Company To Create Drone-Detecting Devices

Tech | Lauren Eissler
'[T]here are still concerns about privacy and surveillance by various entities'

Google And Microsoft Will Add 'Kill Switches' To New Smartphones

Tech | Lauren Eissler
'A technological solution has the potential to end the victimization of wireless consumers everywhere'

Teen Sues School For Ruining His Senior Year

Education | Lauren Eissler
'[A]ny reasonable school official or police officer would understand'

Smell-O-Vision? Try The oPhone To Receive Scented Messages

Tech | Lauren Eissler
Send scents soon

Pants That Can Charge Your Phone Are Here At Last

Tech | Lauren Eissler
A 'wearable chino'

The Rich And Famous Can Now Fly Around On These Gigantic Private Planes

Business | Lauren Eissler
The swankier, the better

DAFFY DUCKS: Birds Of A Feather Rampage Together

Entertainment | Lauren Eissler
These ducks are quacks!

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