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Fannie & Freddie bonuses three times the size of AIG bonuses

Mary Katharine Ham

Remember the outrage from the administration over hefty bonuses paid to AIG executives in 2009? Back then, shortly after AIG was bailed out by American taxpayers, the company went through with already planned bonuses to top executives.

Mark Block now referring to himself in third person, too

9:52 AM 11/11/2011

Robert Stacy McCain has an interview with embattled Cain campaign manager Mark Block, via Matt Lewis.

Sounds like bitter clinging to me, Mr. President

7:23 AM 11/03/2011

The president got all religious on his jobs-bill pitch yesterday:

Science knows why you’re a cheapskate

11:04 AM 10/24/2011

Good news: Another satellite crashing to earth with infinitesimal chance of hitting you

11:09 AM 10/17/2011

Pull out your calculators and 20-sided die again to protect against imminent disaster. They should be readily accessible from the last time we went through this— a month ago.

‘Occupying’ your time: The Daily Caller scavenger hunt

2:37 PM 10/07/2011

This week “Occupy Wall Street” begat “Occupy DC,” “Occupy New Orleans,” “Occupy Boston” -- and before we knew it this week, most of the United States as officially “occupied” territory.

Obama presser: Don’t worry, all these problems are someone else’s job!

4:42 PM 10/06/2011

I always learn so much about other people's jobs when the president gives a press conference. When he's asked about his own performance or scandals plaguing his administration, the president has a tendency to start popping out other people's job descriptions. The job description deflection was on prominent display today.

Totally unfun bureaucrats ban Thriller dancing on Halloween

12:10 PM 10/06/2011

Dealing with the most important issues with the utmost perspective and common sense, as bureaucrats are wont to do, the city of Boca Raton, Fla. has decided to nix an annual neighborhood Halloween performance which would have benefited The Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Free the Alcohol! (and save your budget?)

3:39 PM 09/30/2011

The Fiscal Zombie Apocalypse

8:30 AM 09/28/2011

Zombies are so hot right now. They have their own impeccably designed AMC show, just like Don Draper. The walking dead stalk the pages of best-sellers and screenplays. You can even pay for the privilege of being chased by them in a 5K— call them the jogging dead.

Hammertime: Pass this Bill, Right Now!

6:39 AM 09/20/2011

The president's calls reminded us of a tune. The music and video produced by the inimitable Sean Malone!

Too slow: Republican Congressman snags ‘American Jobs Act’ before Obama

3:41 PM 09/14/2011

President Obama exhorted Congress to pass his latest legislation, the "American Jobs Act," "right now" last Thursday night in a joint session of Congress. Republican members were quick to point out there was, at that time, no legislation to pass.

Obama on his bill: “If you love me, help me pass this bill!”

3:07 PM 09/14/2011

This is just getting creepy.

Obama: Small businesses could get tax relief today from bill I’ve not yet written

9:05 AM 09/09/2011

Obama, last night: "Pass this jobs bill -- pass this jobs bill, and starting tomorrow, small businesses will get a tax cut if they hire new workers or if they raise workers’ wages."

Get Yourself Home: A Brief History of Evacuation Plans for the Nation’s Capital

7:34 AM 09/06/2011

A double whammy of natural disasters this month got all of Washington, D.C. thinking about evacuation plans for the nation's capital city. Turns out they had a lot of time to think about it, while they were sitting in their cars for five hours in the aftermath of the quake. A January snowstorm put commuters in gridlock for 12 hours, in some spots, spurring questions about whether the city would be able to evacuate in a terrorist attack scenario, for instance.

Video: Federal woodpecker regulation ruins 11-year-old humanitarian’s summer

8:58 AM 08/17/2011

In which I complain about a federal agent dropping the hammer on an 11-year-old for having the temerity to rescue a protected species of woodpecker. The fine on the young girl has since been rescinded, not thanks to common sense, but thanks to media coverage.

Hammertime: Cut spending just like Uncle Sam!

6:31 AM 08/05/2011

A very short primer on government spending and government savings.

Video: SFC Leroy Petry Awarded the Medal of Honor

5:07 AM 07/13/2011

Today U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Leroy Arthur Petry became only the second living combat veteran to receive the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War. The other honoree was Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta, also of the Army, who received the nation's highest military honor in 2010. The Daily Caller was there for today's moving ceremony.

Hammertime: Fun with Fireworks

10:53 AM 07/02/2011

On behalf of The Daily Caller, Mary Katharine Ham and and multimedia producer Sean W. Malone would like you to have a fun-filled Independence Day weekend!