Rep. Tim Burchett Makes Another Promise Over UFO Disclosure. Do You Believe Him?

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett said Wednesday that there should be more UFO hearings coming in 2024 despite the Pentagon’s denial of any evidence suggesting aliens have visited Earth.

A report released from the Pentagon in early 2024 essentially stated that the U.S. government has never, ever, ever found any evidence that extraterrestrials have visited Earth. The report detailed events going back to 1945 and denied the existence of any hidden UFO programs within governmental agencies. But, do you trust these guys?

It doesn’t sound like Burchett trusts the Pentagon when it comes to their alleged “disclosure” of no UFOs. Speaking with NewsNation, Burchett said he intends to push for more hearings on the UFO phenomena.

“We’re going to hopefully have some whistleblowers in there to blow the lid off some more stuff so get ready,” Burchett told NewsNation host Ross Coulthart. (RELATED: Probe Of Pentagon Reveals They Don’t Have An Effing Clue What They’re Doing When It Comes To UFOs)

His comments also come shortly after the former head of the Pentagon’s UFO “All-Domain Anomaly Resolution” Office (AARO) Sean Kirkpatrick resigned from his position, claiming he’d never found evidence of aliens or their technologies. But who does Burchett think is best to replace Kirkpatrick?

“I recently had the pleasure of meeting Col. Carl Nell, who’s a former chief of the UAP task force, a magnific warrior intellect. I’ve never before met somebody inside the military who’s so bright and sharp and well-attuned to the UAP [unidentified aerial phenomena] issue,” Burchett continued. “If there was one person I’d put and say he should be there, it would be Col. Carl Nell. For that reason, I don’t think it’s going to happen.” (RELATED: Does Anyone Else Feel Like These UFO Hearings Were A Little Too Convenient?)

The counterintelligence operations in play by the intelligence community are a core reason I fear we’ll never receive true disclosure of the UFO situation. Unless the tall white or those terrifying gray things turn up on the White House lawn, I doubt we’ll ever get the truth.

Burchett’s office did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.