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Bankrupting America’s sassy honey badger video

Who knew skyrocketing national debt could be super-fabulous?

Ron Paul releases another faux-movie campaign ad

9:42 AM 08/16/2011

Ron Paul is becoming the Steven Spielberg of the Republican presidential race.

New RNC ads target candidate Obama

12:25 PM 08/15/2011

President Barack Obama may have just begun his reelection campaign tour, but Republicans are making sure he's heckled from the get-go.

Candidate Rick Perry’s inaugural 2012 video

10:29 AM 08/15/2011

Now that he's officially in, Rick Perry can do all the things necessary to win the Republican presidential nomination. One of the first things on that list: make a movie.

Colbert’s ads advocate Rick ‘Parry’ write-in, create a straw-poll mess

5:44 PM 08/13/2011

With his officially sanctioned Super PAC, Stephen Colbert may have Rickrolled everyone involved in today's Ames Straw Poll. This Rick, however, is Rick Perry -- or "Rick Parry," according to the Colbert Super PAC.

Colbert releases second ad before Iowa straw poll

2:42 PM 08/11/2011

Stephen Colbert's Super PAC is going for a one-two punch.

Colbert’s Super PAC launches first TV ad supporting ‘Rick Parry’

4:42 PM 08/10/2011

Funnyman Stephen Colbert has made good on his promise to up the ante with his very real "super" political action committee.

Congressmen object to new gun requirements, show support for NRA lawsuits

10:59 AM 08/10/2011

Federal lawmakers are backing lawsuits against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)  following the introduction of new gun registration requirements in several border states. The lawsuits, supported by the National Rifle Association, aim to stop the ATF from compelling firearms sellers to report multiple purchases.

New Pawlenty video before Ames straw poll hits Obama, hints at Bachmann

11:04 AM 08/09/2011

Tim Pawlenty's returning to his dramatic roots.

American Crossroads dunks on Obama in new video

1:58 PM 08/05/2011

It's no secret that President Barack Obama loves basketball. But now it's just another way for cagey conservative groups to continue their full-court press on the administration's economic policies.

NRA funds lawsuits against ATF over new border-state gun regulations

10:22 AM 08/04/2011

The nation's largest gun lobby has pulled its litigious trigger against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), calling new federal firearm requirements in several border states a "bait and switch scheme."

NRSC ‘celebrates’ one year of economic recovery

2:48 PM 08/03/2011

When the contrast is bad, keep it simple -- that's what the National Republican Senatorial Committee has figured out.

Bachmann boasts in Iowa ad: ‘I voted against raising the debt limit’

2:04 PM 08/03/2011

Unlike some Republican presidential candidates, Michele Bachmann isn't afraid to talk about the debt ceiling debate.

Romney emerges with new video

8:54 AM 08/03/2011

Mitt Romney has a birthday gift for the president.

Liberal commentators, lawmakers are not amused

1:32 PM 08/01/2011

By the looks of things, if there is finally a debt deal, liberals must feel like they've had their head rammed into the ceiling fan.

Super PAC runs Rick Perry ads in Iowa

9:42 AM 08/01/2011

What if there were a well-funded group pushing for a Rick Perry candidacy? It turns out there is.

The most entertaining clips and videos about the debt ceiling debate

12:26 AM 08/01/2011

If the Internet has taught us anything, it's that even the most boring, tedious back-and-forth political minutia about dollar signs can be transformed into something funny --- or, at the very least, something slightly more entertaining.

Petition launched asking Mel Gibson to make film that would ‘expose’ Islam

9:45 AM 07/29/2011

Will the director of "The Passion of the Christ" make a follow-up titled "The Exposé of The Prophet Muhammad"?

Mike Huckabee wonders aloud about Trump returning to the race

6:19 PM 07/28/2011

Imagine this bumper sticker: Trump/Huckabee 2012.