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Jeff Winkler is a Daily Caller staff writer covering firearms, as well as campaign advertising and fringe culture topics. He worked previously for several Arkansas and New Zealand publications. His byline has appeared in Slate, Reason, Good magazine, the Guardian, Washington City Paper and most notably, Worm Digest.

Bankrupting America's sassy honey badger video

Politics | Jeff Winkler
'This is the Washington politician. They have the hugest credit card in the entire world'

Ron Paul releases another faux-movie campaign ad

Politics | Jeff Winkler
'The one who will stop the spending, save the dollar, create jobs, bring peace'

Candidate Rick Perry's inaugural 2012 video

Politics | Jeff Winkler
'Not the empty rhetoric of hope, but a record that gives us hope'

Colbert throws straws in the wind

Politics | Jeff Winkler

Colbert Super PAC launches first TV ad supporting 'Rick Parry'

Politics | Jeff Winkler
Ad urges Iowans to write in 'Rick Parry ... that's Parry with an 'a' ... for 'America''

Congressmen object to new gun requirements, show support for NRA lawsuits

Politics | Jeff Winkler
'The ATF has no authority to track the purchases of law-abiding gun owners'

American Crossroads dunks on Obama in new video

Politics | Jeff Winkler
Video slams the president for his position on the unpleasant U.S. job market

NRA funds lawsuits against ATF over new border-state gun regulations

Politics | Jeff Winkler
The nation's largest gun lobby has pulled its litigious trigger

NRSC 'celebrates' one year of economic recovery

Politics | Jeff Winkler
National Republican Senatorial Committee highlights Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's 'Welcome to the Recovery'

Bachmann boasts in Iowa ad: 'I voted against raising the debt limit'

Politics | Jeff Winkler
'I voted against raising the debt limit because it’s time to balance the budget'

Liberal commentators, lawmakers are not amused

Politics | Jeff Winkler
'I think this is a real breakdown of our political system'

The most entertaining clips and videos about the debt ceiling debate

Politics | Jeff Winkler
Remy's rap, a zombie uprising and the new 'Spenditol' drug round out the top videos of this otherwise tense debate

Mel Gibson to direct Islam expose?

Entertainment | Jeff Winkler
Gibson petitioned to 'create a movie documenting the true nature of Islam'

Huckabee wonders aloud about Trump returning to the race

Politics | Jeff Winkler
'So who knows? Maybe we haven’t seen the last of Donald Trump'

Debt ceiling video spoofs the zombie genre

Politics | Jeff Winkler
'Dawn of the Debt' shows a post-apocalyptic, post-debt takeover America

Crossroads GPS supports Boehner plan

Politics | Jeff Winkler
'Kudos to Speaker Boehner for showing President Obama what leadership is really about'

Ending Spending's launches debt limit ads

Politics | Jeff Winkler
Spot very simply explains the federal debt using a chalkboard and blonde-haired teacher

New American Crossroads ad pulls at the heart 'threads'

Politics | Jeff Winkler
'Maybe we won't be crushed when our economy snaps ... but someone will'

Are Dems worried about losing Latinos?

Politics | Jeff Winkler
'The reality is Latino organizations are not happy with Obama'

Women's group launches parody ad attacking government spending

Politics | Jeff Winkler
'This ad is targeted specifically to women because we know that women tend to hold the purse strings of the family'

American Crossroads launches ad in Spanish

Politics | Jeff Winkler
Una PAC de los conservadores publica un anuncio en Espanol

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