A Decade Ago, Michelle Obama Ignited A Virtue-Signaling Frenzy That Has Defined Our Times

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Ten years ago today, then-First Lady Michelle Obama posted a sad photo on social media that seemed to launch the greatest decade of faux-compassionate virtue signaling.

On May 7, 2014, Obama shared a photograph from an enormous, ornate room, holding a sign that read #BringBackOurGirls under the caption, “Our prayers are with the missing Nigerian girls and their families. It’s time to #BringBackOurGirls. -mo.” She was referring to the Chibok school kidnapping, where the Boko Haram terror group abducted 276 students from a girls school.

From this post alone, one might assume Obama and her husband, former President Barack Obama, were actively working on a solution to get the girls home. And that solution was dependent on the American population sharing similar posts on social media, as if members of Boko Haram would see how sad their actions were making us and stop being hideous monsters. Obama also wanted you to think she cared so you liked her more. But less than a year after she pretended to be sad about this vicious attack, her husband completely ignored it at his State of the Union.

Ten years later, faux-compassionate virtue signaling on social media has come to define our times, and it has to stop. Not only because this type of hypocrisy is annoying as heck, but it is an actual threat to our future as a society.

A broader example is climate psychosis. Unlike the human rights atrocities used as virtue porn by the Obamas, the climate crisis is arguably the funniest instance of how faux compassion has evolved in the last decade. (RELATED: ‘All They Do Is Virtue Signal’: Daily Caller’s Kay Smythe Says Politicians Are ‘Failed Actors’ Seeking Popularity)

The climate clowns who flock to Davos every year on their private jets with their favorite prostitutes, cry about how We The Poors are killing the planet with cars we can barely fill with gas. These unelected cartoonish Bond Villains, including the likes of John Kerry and Leonardo DiCaprio, work their butts off to take away our freedoms under the guise of being pro-Mother Nature while doing whatever the heck they want with the planet’s oil. And millions of people actually believe them when they say we need to eat bugs to save the world, when all we actually have to do is become more self-sufficient as families and stop the mass-import of stuff we can make and grow at home.

But here’s the funny part: people who cry climate because they’re told to are also pretty action-less about it unless otherwise forced by tyrannical legislation. For example, a report published in 2023 found that even though lots of women are scared of the climate crisis (as the Bond Villains want), it’s not stopping them from having children.

How many politicians have you heard scream about Democracy in Ukraine while doing everything possible to normalize censorship here at home?

Or even just that whiney little now-unemployed guy Colin Kaepernick, who knelt in “protest” during the National Anthem because he thinks it’s racist, even though that very anthem gave him the plushest life any young man in this world could want. (RELATED: NFL: Kneel For Anything, Stand For Nothing)

Major companies like Lululemon, Nike, Amazon and Microsoft pledged millions of dollars that went directly to BLM or organizations that supported it. Keep in mind, BLM supports the defunding the police.

While companies technically “took action” by dishing out cash that likely did nothing to hurt their bottom lines, the reasons they donated were clearly to show consumers and investors how virtuous they were, as opposed to genuinely wanting to improve society.

Case in point: “Defund the police” backfired so badly that some Democrats tried to say Republicans were the ones doing it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the consequences of such a policy.

Behind these infuriating hypocrisies should be concern. Human rights atrocities have reached a fever pitch globally, not just in Nigeria, where Christians and young women seem to live in a constant state of threat. Under President Joe Biden, Nigeria was removed from the list of countries with religious freedom concerns. More than 8,000 Christians were killed in Nigeria in 2023 alone, according to the Catholic Herald.

As a society, we don’t understand the natural world well enough to mitigate disaster (we don’t even track our food supply properly). I could go on, but there are other examples of these issues — the economy, housing marketchild mutilation that are all over social media and speeches but seemingly limited in solution-based political action.

The one thing I can’t speak ill of is Michelle Obama’s request for prayers. This could help create the change she says she wants. I just worry about who she’s praying to if this is how she and her husband left the country. (RELATED: Everyone Needs To Watch And Then Do A ‘Jesus Revolution’)

However, there is a potential solution to this unique human personality problem.

I’d bet my pinky toe that if everyone in America voted exclusively based on the actions taken by elected officials — not their meaningless words — we could actually save the country and planet from barreling toward normalized criminal violence, idiocracy and horrific international relations by taking sensible, informed, unemotional action.

This isn’t a pipe-dream solution. It’s something you can do today. I beg you all to learn as much as you can about your local, state and federal lawmakers and choose the ones who put their action where their mouth is in a way that helps America, not just themselves.