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Casey Kasem Finally Buried Six Months After Death

Radio Personality Kasey Casem with his award backckstage at The 2003 Radio Music Awards at the Aladdin Casino Resort October 27, 2003 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images)

Casey Kasem died in June at age 82, and he was finally buried on Dec. 16 with a small ceremony at a Norway cemetery after a bitter legal battle between his wife Jean and his children left the radio icon's body in limbo for six months.

Dr. Evil On Sony Hackers: ‘Way To Go, A-Holes!’ [VIDEO]

12:44 PM 12/22/2014

Dr. Evil interrupted Sam Smith and took over "Saturday Night Live's" cold opener this weekend to criticize the Sony hackers "Guardians of Peace" for being so damn lazy that they picked on Sony, even though the company "hasn't had a hit since the Walkman."

Merry Christmas! Passed Out Elf Gets DWI In Target Parking Lot

12:15 PM 12/22/2014

It looks like Santa will have one fewer helper this Christmas, because a man who decided to dress up in an "Elf on the Shelf" costume, chug beers and pass out in his van in the Target parking lot with his "music blaring" was issued a DWI around 3:30 in the morning and will be unable to make the holiday festivities this year.

Jennifer Lopez Proves She Does Cleavage Very Well

12:31 PM 12/19/2014

Jennifer Lopez may be known for her backside, but she proved Thursday night that that's not the only thing she has going for her, when she showed up wearing this plunging champagne-colored jumpsuit on the red carpet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel for the People Magazine Awards.