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Budweiser Puts Clydesdales Out To Pasture For Holidays

12:49 PM 11/24/2014

Budweiser is stabling its iconic Clydesdale horses this holiday season, and light beer, young people and Lime-a-Rita's are to blame. The "King of Beers" is aiming for a younger crowd using Jay Z, food festivals and zombie-themed parties, but no horses.

Kim Kardashian’s Rump Used For SAT Prep

11:57 AM 11/21/2014

Catalyst, a company developed to help students prepare for college entrance exams, is using an alternative method to help students get prepare for those tests: Kim Kardashian's backside. Her famous asset has now become a study tool for geometry, and a way to help students prepare for the SATs.

Angry Hula Hooper Puts Oprah Through The Ringer [VIDEO]

12:43 PM 11/18/2014

Oprah Winfrey put hula hoopers in a spin this week when she stirred up hoopla because one of her producers asked a performer to spin a plastic tube around her waist outside Oprah's "Live the Life You Want Weekend" arena tour, free of charge, because all she would be doing is swinging a hula hoop around in circles repeatedly.

Question: How Many Drugs Did Willow And Jaden Smith Take Before This Interview?

8:15 PM 11/17/2014

The babbling spawn of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith did an interview with the "New York Times" on "prana energy, time and why school is overrated" that came out Monday, and the result is incoherent, somewhat pretentious and sounds like the two teenagers ingested hard drugs right before it. Willow Smith, who produced the hit "Whip My Hair" when she was only 10, and is 14 now, said she has been reading up on quantum physics lately, while her brother Jaden, 16, is currently studying ancient texts, and "things that can't be pre-dated." From the interview, we learned that Willow simply does not believe in time--though she does note she can control it--and Jaden thinks drivers-ed is useless.