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You Won’t Believe What Lindsay Lohan Thought Counted As Community Service

4:28 PM 01/29/2015

To stay out of jail, DUI queen Lindsay Lohan needed to complete 240 hours of community service. She could have picked up trash off the side of the highway. Or served food at a homeless shelter. She could have tutored underprivileged children. But how did America's drunkest redhead choose to do her community service?

Is Kim Kardashian’s Mom Even Wearing Pants Here? [PHOTOS]

11:47 AM 01/28/2015

Kim Kardashian poses nude just about every day of the week ending in y, and when she is wearing clothes, it's usually not much. Apparently the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree, because her mom showed up hardly wearing pants at the Chanel Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week Tuesday.