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Bill Cosby Leaked Story About Daughter’s Drug Use To Cover Up Sex Scandal

Bill Cosby responds to rape allegations

In the summer of 1989 "The Cosby Show" had the number one spot in TV ratings, and the "National Enquirer" was going to run a story about Bill Cosby's sexual escapades with some Las Vegas showgirls, so Cosby reportedly traded the publication a story about his then 23-years-old daughter's struggle with drug and alcohol abuse if they would kill the sex scandal story.

Watch Chris Pratt Expertly Defend Hunting During This Interview [VIDEO]

1:21 PM 11/25/2014

Chris Pratt recently talked about killing, skinning and tanning coyotes by hand during his interview for "Esquire's" December issue, and Monday footage surfaced from a 2011 interview the "Guardians of the Galaxy" star did on "Kevin Pollack's Chat Show," and in two minutes Pratt perfectly explains the sport of hunting and the conservation benefits that come with it.

Budweiser Puts Clydesdales Out To Pasture For Holidays

12:49 PM 11/24/2014

Budweiser is stabling its iconic Clydesdale horses this holiday season, and light beer, young people and Lime-a-Rita's are to blame. The "King of Beers" is aiming for a younger crowd using Jay Z, food festivals and zombie-themed parties, but no horses.

Kim Kardashian’s Rump Used For SAT Prep

11:57 AM 11/21/2014

Catalyst, a company developed to help students prepare for college entrance exams, is using an alternative method to help students get prepare for those tests: Kim Kardashian's backside. Her famous asset has now become a study tool for geometry, and a way to help students prepare for the SATs.