Candace Owens: Kanye Opened The Door For The Black Conservative Movement

'He had always been my idol'

Major Publication Has Bold Prediction About Nebraska's Football Team. Should Their Low Energy Fans Get Their Hopes Up?

What will happen?

OJ Simpson In A White Bronco Led Police On A Chase 25 Years Ago Today

2-hour journey was watched by 95 million viewers.

A Very Popular Model Has Married The Heir To Walmart. Check Out All Her Awesome Photos

Here's what we know

The NBA Reportedly Asked This Star Musician To Not Attend Warriors Home Games During The Finals. The Reason Why Is 100% Justified

Was it a good decision?

Eli Manning Once Pulled Off An Incredibly Cruel Prank On A Teammate. Did It Go Too Far?

It is funny

The Lakers Might Be Preparing To Add Another NBA Superstar. Prepare For Fans To Start Going Wild

Would it be a good fit?

The Latest NBA Title Odds Are Out, And The Team At The Top Will Enrage Critics Of LeBron James

Who will win it all?

The Music Video For Taylor Swift's New Song Has Been Released, And It Has A Major Message About Gay People

What do you think?

Former Teammate Of NFL Player Accused Of Harming A Woman Discusses The Situation. Were His Comments Smart?

What do you think?

Here Are The Funniest Father's Day Fails

A hilarious compilation

Pompeo Hits Media For Obsessing Over Trump's Foreign Oppo Comment

'A Washington piece of silliness'

'One Little Word Change': The Plan For Winning Finally Over Black Voters By Changing 'School Choice'

Star Parker outlines a working strategy

Here's What DC Had To Tell President Trump On His Birthday

He's 73

Puerto Rico College Republicans Are Raising Money For A Trump Statue

Build 45!

Black Community Leader Points To NFL Millionaires To Prove Slavery Reparations Idea Is 'Fools Gold'

'If it doesn’t work for rich people, what it’s going to do for poor people?'

Hannity Crumples MSNBC's Rachel Maddow's Tin Foil Hat: Unfit To Print

'Roswell Maddow'

US Blaming Iran For Bombings In Gulf Of Oman

'Iran did do it and you know they did it because you saw the boat'

Happy Birthday To The Military Branch Older Than The US!

The US Army celebrates it’s 244th birthday today

Candace Owens Discusses Kanye West And Supporting Donald Trump

'He likes Trump. He loves Trump'

Superstar Actress Admits Her New Role In HBO Series 'Euphoria' Is 'Polarizing.' Here's What Fans Need To Know

'Whether people like it or not, it’s real'

The Kardashian Family Gets Into Dramatic Fight Over Kylie Jenner's New Office Space: 'She Has This, Like, Entitlement'

'It’s just getting out of hand'

Trump Supporter Speaks Out After Altercation With Trans Actress Indya Moore

Don't mess with this Trump supporter's property

Video Emerges of Raptors President's Confrontation With Police Officer. The Reaction Is Intense

It is crazy

Video Shows Iran Removing A Mine From An Oil Tanker, US Says

Footage shows a small object on the hull

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