How Do You Pronounce Buttigieg? We Ask DC

Boot edge edge?

New Video Uncovered From Bernie Sanders's USSR Honeymoon

'Are you sure we're in the right place?'

The Best Western Show On TV Returns In A Few Weeks. Here's The Video Every Single Fan Needs To Watch To Prepare

It's great

White House Aide Says WSJ Falsely Accused Him Of Speaking To Meeting He Didn't Attend

'I've seen the first one, Mr. President'

Top Democrat Jerry Nadler Nearly Passes Out During De Blasio Presser

'He is now responsive'

Golden State Warriors Announce Some Awful News About Star Player. Should Fans Start Panicking?

This isn't good

CNN's John King Pushes Back On Schiff Calling Investigation Into Russia Probe Origins 'Un-American'

'They have every right and every reason to look at the origins of an investigation that involved a presidential campaign'

Never Released Details: That Time Michael Avenatti Threatened To Sue Daily Caller Reporters

Foreshadowed his shady business practices

People Can't Stop Talking About This Viral 'Game Of Thrones' Alternate Ending. It's Much Better Than The Real One

What did you think of the finale?

Mueller Seems Ready To Testify, Says Nadler, But Only In Private

Supposedly worried about a 'political spectacle'

Arab TV Network, Praised By Liberals, Held A Party For A Terrorist And Met Up With A KKK Leader To Blame 9/11 On The Jews

'I will shoot Allah's enemies, the Jews'

Aaron Rodgers Fails Miserably When He Tries Chug A Beer. Rival NFL Quarterback Responds In Epic Fashion

It was a hilarious moment

Howard Stern Claims Trump Might Have Offered Him A Supreme Court Seat In Exchange For Endorsement

'I think Donald would give me anything I asked'

NFL Quarterback Who Obliterated His Leg Pulls Off Cool Move For His Team

Will he ever play again?

Dallas Cowboys Might Be Ready To Pay Their Quarterback An Absurd Amount Of Money. Should Fans Be Nervous?

Should they do it?

Pete Buttigieg Claims President Trump Faked A Disability To Dodge Serving In Vietnam

'Do you believe he has a disability?'

We Will Remember You: A Tribute To Michael Avenatti's Dead Presidential Candidacy (2018-2019)

His campaign likely is dead on arrival, now that he potentially faces more than four centuries in prison

FLASHBACK: That Time Joe Biden Condemned Amnesty, Said Immigrants Should Learn English

'I can't think of a country that has two languages as their accepted languages that is doing all that well'

Khloé Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Find Out About Jordyn Woods Allegedly Cheating In New Trailer

'She’s really going through it'

Ocasio-Cortez Defends Democrat Whose 'Appalling Accusation' Was Stricken From Record

'They tried to silence her'

'Treason': Trump Pours It On Comey, McCabe, Strzok And Page

He's not holding back

Oregon State Student Dies After Stepping Over Railing To Take Photo On Cliffside


There's Been A Development Between Kendall Jenner And Ben Simmons Relationship

Here's what we know

Meghan McCain Believes Stormy Daniels Deserves An Apology

'Her story is still very valid'

Politicians Are Gridlocking DC, But Everyday Americans Are Paying The Price

'We believe that the President of the United States is engaged in a cover-up'

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