Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel On Smollett Charges Being Dropped — 'A Whitewash Of Justice'

'Where is the accountability in the system?'

'Give Him The Entire Show' — Devin Nunes Followed Eric Swalwell With Some Programming Advice For Martha MacCallum

'They are like a bunch of chupacabra hunters'

NFL Releases Incredible Season Recap Video. It Will Give Fans Chills

It was a fun season

Remember College Football Coaching Legend Lane Kiffin? He Might Not Be Too Happy With Me

Here's the reason why

NFL Owners Shoot Down Major Rule Change. Fans Might Not Be Too Pleased

This isn't very fun

Viral Video Of Pope Francis Rejecting Kisses From The Faithful Raises Questions

'Feels personally uncomfortable with the gesture'

Liz Warren Says No One Cares About The Mueller Report

'People want to know about the things that touch their lives every day'

Michael Avenatti Breaks Silence Following Indictments

'I am nervous, I am concerned, I’m scared'

College Football Powerhouse Gets Rocked My Multiple Arrests. What Is Going On?

This isn't great

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Condemns Comments Made By Rosie O'Donnell As 'Offensive' And 'Disturbing'

She hopes the two can be 'at peace'

Harris Says She's 'Completely Confused' Over Smollett Charges

'I don’t understand'

The Media Should Apologize For Peddling The Russia Collusion Conspiracy Theory

Where's the outrage?

CNN Analyst Ralph Peters: 'The Steele Dossier Rings True To Me'

Dossier is roadmap for collusion conspiracy theory

Martha MacCallum Grills Swalwell For Standing By Debunked Dossier

'Are you serious?'

Pennsylvania State Rep. Horrifies Democrats With Opening Prayer, 'At The Name Of Jesus Every Knee Will Bow'

'The one who came, died, and rose again'

What If There's No Collusion In The Final Mueller Report? Bernie Sanders Refuses To Say

'What we need right now is to see the full report'

D.C. Doesn't Believe The Mueller Report. Do You?

'I just think that people don't like Trump'

The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald Alleges He Was Banned From MSNBC

'They wanted their audience not to know that anybody was questioning or expressing skepticism'

Media Won't Abandon Russia Story Because It's All They've Know For Two Years And It's Good For Business

'They will try to keep this alive as long as possible'

Here's What Had Ariana Grande In Tears During Her Concert Last Night

'Thanks for accepting my humanness'

MLB Player Tries To Get Into Canada With His Team. There Was Just One Major Problem

What was he thinking?

After 2 Years Of Collusion Headlines, CNN Releases Poll That Shows How Little Voters Care About Russia

'Zero, zero, zero respondents said Russia'

The Preview For The New Episode Of The Best Military Show On TV Has Arrived. Fans Will Love It

It looks awesome

Saints Coach Opens Up About The State Of Officiating In The NFL After Blown Call. Here's What He Said

He should be mad

Kimmel Aims Jokes At CNN After Mueller Collusion Dud

Calls Mueller report 'a big league victory'

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